Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interview #1

As most of you know, I have been working very hard to get interviews and things for open teaching positions for the next school year, and it has not been easy at all. I filled out a million different applications for districts and then sat around waiting for calls for interviews. In the meantime, friends from school were posting all over Facebook about how they were getting tons of interviews and I could not help but wonder what I was doing wrong.

You see, at school they did not give us many tips about what to do once you're actually done with college. They never told us how to go about trying to get the jobs and everything. They told us not to email principals, that they would come to us. They could not have been more wrong, though.

I went to dinner with two friends last week, who both happen to be in my wedding coming up very soon. We met in middle school and have quite a bit of history and have been friends since that point. We ended up at the same college, and the three of us graduated the same day. It was wonderful, and I enjoyed going to dinner and talking to them. That day they had both had interviews though (for the same job, eek!) and told me that they had been emailing principals like crazy, and that was how they were getting their interviews. Boy, did I feel behind!

The next day I began emailing principals. It took awhile, since most of the districts have sixty plus schools, which means sixty plus principals that needed to get emails. I was feeling pretty good, even with all of the "Thank you for your interest, but we do not have any openings." responses coming back in reply. However, some asked for my resume or said they would keep my information on file.

Then yesterday, I got a call. The lady assured me that they did not have any current positions but wanted to have a pool of people in case something did open up. I believe I was the first person they called, since they gave me the earliest time this morning, and I was thrilled despite not having any openings at the moment.

I'm not sure that the interview could have gone much better. I left the office feeling wonderful about the whole thing. The principal was nice, as was the secretary. He loved that I was about fifteen minutes early (though I was sitting in the car for about fifteen before that as well). We talked, and he seemed happy with my answers, and at the end he told me he was very impressed with me, which definitely made me feel great. He said a position might just open up, one I'm certified for. I love the school and it's close to the area we want to live, so it would be great.

This is just interview number one, and while it might not be too promising since there are no current openings, I'm already feeling a bit better. Hopefully this will be the start of many more interviews and a future teaching job!


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  1. Good luck with the interviews. Nothings more "kick in the chest" miserable than looking for work (having recently had this fun experience). Have you tried using a LinkedIn profile? Just a thought.