About Me

Hello everyone, I'm Tiffany
22 year old college student.
I am currently student teaching, which means I'm in my last semester of college.
I'll be working with two sixth grade classes; Language Arts and Reading.
I was born in Iowa, but moved to Texas when I was seven, where I still reside.
I began dating my fiance September 23, 2007.
He proposed on September 23, 2010.
We will get married September 23, 2012.
(That's this year, Ah!) 

My mom is my best friend (though I have several other great ones).
I am a Texas Rangers lover; and baseball in general.
I love to cook, though I'm still improving on it.
I find reading and writing to be an escape, and I really enjoy both.
Music is my inspiration.
I love giraffes.
I like animals in general though, sometime more than people. Maybe.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoy and decide to stick around for awhile :]

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