Hello all! I just made the button for my site, so now I'm interested in getting some sponsors going. I'm not charging or anything like that. Instead, I would like to swap buttons. I know that I only have twenty followers right now, but I hope with swapping buttons I will build up more, which will then help everyone in return!

I have two button sizes right now: 200x150 and 170x100. However, I can make it any size that you may need/want!

When you give me your buttons, I would prefer to have them be 200x100. Along with this, I will do group posts for you guys, just to get your blog out there even more, and so people can see how great you are!

What do you have to do?
I would love for you to follow my blog, but that is not really a requirement.
Then just email me at unlostwanderer23@gmail.com and we will get it figured out!

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