It's a Love Story

How We Met...  

Despite going to the same school for middle school and high school, Michael and I did not actually meet until late into the summer before our senior year of high school. We were both volunteering as Jag Camp counselors (a program that helps incoming freshman become comfortable with the campus). I helped with a group of students, while Michael put his technology skills to work doing most of the filming. We met on the last day, and talked a little bit. Come to find out, when school began, we were in the same English class. My flirting skills were pretty bad, and Michael liked playing hard to get, but eventually we did end up talking. With the help of a mutual friend we hung out for a weekend, and I guess the rest is history.

We spent all of our senior events together; Homecoming, Senior Picnic, Senior Breakfast, my drill teams' Spring Show, Prom, Graduation. You name it, and we were there for each other. When it came towards the end of the year and I feared that we would be apart for four very long years, Michael informed me that he was going to SFA as well. We went off to school together, and were able to support each other through our college experience as well. With being constantly homesick, I'm not sure I would have been able to survive it had he not been there with me.

How He Proposed...

We had talked about marriage for some time, and while I knew the proposal was coming, I had no idea when it was going to happen. We started dating on September 23, 2007 and since then it has always sort of been "our day." I think it was just made that much more special when Michael decided to use that day to propose as well.

It was our three year anniversary, and things were going the way they usually did. We had a tradition of going about thirty minutes to the next town to go to Olive Garden since Nacogdoches does not have one. We would go there, then we would sit in the car and open presents, and then head back to campus (we're broke college kids, give us a break). That night he took me to Olive Garden just like usual. However, unlike usual, he didn't eat too much. I think he told me he wasn't feeling too well, or something like that. Towards the end of the meal he said he was going to the bathroom, which I didn't find odd. However, he had really gone to call his roommate, Brett, who was in charge of getting pictures of the event for us.

We opened presents in the car as usual. Though at the moment, I really can't remember what I got due to all the other excitement of the evening. (I do remember something about a diamond ring coming in eventually, though). Then we headed back towards the school. Throughout the night I thought it might be "the night," but as we neared the school again, I wasn't too sure. I was trying not to be disappointed, but I was so ready to say we were engaged! However, just as we got close to school, he took a different turn...

...Now, in order to understand this part, I must tell you another quick story. When we started dating senior year, we actually did not get to spend our first Christmas together. Michael has family in Illinois, and they were traveling to spend their holiday there. Because of this, Michael and I celebrated Christmas a few days early. We went to Chilis and then he took me to the small gazebo in old downtown Mesquite. It was lit up with Christmas lights and beautiful. Honestly, it was very romantic. From that point, I was in love with that gazebo, and any really. Okay, continuing...

This turn took us to a place I had never seen, and it was a place that had a gazebo. At that moment I knew what was coming, and it was an incredible feeling! Michael led me to the gazebo and pulled out his guitar. He played and sang a song he wrote for me, and it was so beautiful. I did cry, of course, everyone saw that coming. When he asked me to marry him, I couldn't even speak at the moment, so I just smiled and nodded (I think he got the idea). I could not have pictured a better proposal. And, we got pictures! After that, we called our parents who were awaiting the calls. It was a fantastic night, one I'm sure neither of us will ever forget.


  1. This is so precious!! Im a sucker for cute proposal stories and yours is no exception ;)
    xo Vanessa

  2. I'm an incredibly hopeless romantic, so your story is like the ideal for my idea of the perfect fairy tale ending :) congratulations!!!