Friday, August 31, 2012

I apologize!

Hello all! So sorry I've been so horrible about posting, but things have been crazy. I guess it is true when they say you either have nothing at all going on, or everything at once. The whole, 'everything at once' has definitely hit, and I'm trying to find time to catch my breath. Between moving into an apartment with Michael, starting my first year of teaching, and finishing up wedding plans, things have definitely been a bit hectic. However, I am sure that things will begin to slow down soon, and I won't feel quite so overwhelmed.

This was my first week of work, and it definitively felt incredibly long. Human Resources has been really slow about the whole process, and so all of the new teachers at my school (which is quite a few because of new administration and everything) have been without our emails or any other technology because we do not have any log ins. Luckily, we go next Tuesday night to sign our contracts and everything, so that will fix all of that. I have some pictures of my classroom that I will share very soon as well, perhaps tomorrow.

Our apartment looks great as of now. There are still some things I would like to do in order to make it a bit more homey and like us, but for now I am happy with it. I feel like it's going to be impossible to constantly keep it picked up completely, and I've decided that I'm okay with that. It's not something that I am going to stress myself out about.

I've done a lot of the cooking since we moved in, and I'm feeling pretty confident in it now. Well, more so than at first, at least. I did not know how to cook much before, so I've just been using recipes that I've collected and things, and so far I haven't made anything that we haven't liked. I count that as a definite plus! Hopefully in the future I'll be able to share some recipes, as well :]

Anyway, thank you for everyone that has stuck around through my absence, and all my new followers! I will go through soon and check out all of your blogs as well! :]