Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Engagement Pictures - Take 2

After Michael proposed, it did not take us long to pick our wedding day. Everything had been on September 23 for us, and it just happened that the September 23rd that followed our college graduation fell on a weekend. Obviously it was just met to be. Since we had the date picked, we had exactly two years to decide everything else. Since my parents were paying for most of it, we sat down and decided what we wanted to spend more money on, and where we were going to try to pinch. We decided photography was not something we wanted to go cheap on. It was difficult, though.

I don't know how many of you have had to look for photographers for weddings and things, but they do not come cheap. We went to bridal shows and did tons of research but could not find anything on our budget. So, when we figured out that our wedding coordinator from our venue did photography as well, and it was affordable. We assumed that it would work out okay, and she would know where to get good pictures at the venue.

During the summer we had her do some pictures out at a house with a barn and what not, which we thought would be nice at the time. She did not take any time to get to know us though, and simply just made everything really pose-y. It turned out, once we got the pictures back, that she did not edit her pictures at all. This was not something she told us before we agreed to use her.

I spent the time after that being very upset by the pictures. A lot of my friends were engaged and having pictures done, and I was always so jealous. Then one of my friends' pictures posted, and when I looked at them, it led me to the photographer's blog. I just had to ask my friend for the information. Within a couple weeks we had book Mary, and were thrilled that she was doing a special so we could redo our engagement pictures.

About three weeks ago,  we met her in the Arts Bishop District and had our pictures done, and she just posted our blog post yesterday. (see, I told you I had more exciting news!) I am thrilled with them, could not be happier, seriously. She is sending the disc of pictures to us and she said there are about 300 total, so I'm looking forward to going through all of them! 

Anyway, check out her blog post about us HERE and look around her blog some more. If you're from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then she's definitely a wonderful choice! 


  1. sweet photos!!! i just went and checked out her post of them :)

    so bummed my hubby and i were not able to get engagement photos done :( we had to... well... i had to sacrifice a lot of things i'd always looked forward to regarding getting married, because of being long distance. (and that he was in the Army). i almost didn't even have a bridal shower!

  2. AWESOME you found me...I am following you back! :oD I'm gonna snag a button and put it on my blog...mine aren't done yet...still constructing my blog with a designer. LOVE your photos!!!!