Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have never been one to wear too many accessories, unless it is a scarf or a special occasion. Actually my love for scarves did not even come into play until this year, and now I own SO many and love them all. However, I would really love to learn how to accessorize better. I see women that are dressed up so nice and their whole outfit goes together, and that's casual for them! That's what I want. I think that Charming Charlie will probably be a big help in making this happen. I did buy a couple things today at the mall that I'm pretty thrilled about.

My brother's fiance and I spent a long time looking around Charming Charlie this past weekend, and she bought this same fedora with the coral fabric. I really loved it, but did not want to have the same exact one, so I went with the white. It matches everything, and I really did not think you could beat the price.

I can't find the second thing that I bought today, but I got a scarf from H&M. It is black with green apples, because what teacher doesn't need a scarf with apples? It was only five dollars, and I was thrilled that I managed to find it in the sale bin. I think it will help make some work outfits a little but cuter, and add a fun element.

Now, since I'm currently pretty broke and could not buy everything that I really wanted (like a billion different shoes I loved at Payless. They have their BOGO sale going on right now, if you're a Payless fan as well), here are some of the accessories that I would love to eventually have.

Loving this cross-body bag. I have been using the same, small Coach cross-body purse for awhile now, that it might be nice to have something that is a little bit bigger again that way I can fit some more in it. I really want a watch right now, too. A bright one, like this aqua one. Seriously, Charming Charlie has the best stuff, you should check one out if you have a store close to you.

Now, I'll leave you with an outfit that I'm digging. I like to think that I'm getting a better fashion sense, and I really am pretty excited about that!

Happy Tuesday!

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