Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 Questions [2]

Linking up with Gentri Lee again today for 7 questions once again. Head on over and check out her blog and link up as well! 

1. What do you do when you're sick? (Do you act like a baby? Tough it out? Have any weird cravings? Cry?)
It really depends on what is wrong. I feel sick pretty frequently, and it's pretty frustrating. I have blood drawn several times and everything and my doctor has yet to find anything wrong with me, but there clearly is. I do worry that we will have to do some more serious tests, which is why I usually avoid going to the doctor. If I feel really bad, I do tend to cry (especially if I end up getting sick), usually I just lay around and hope it gets better though.

2. What do you do to find motivation when you feel you've lost it?
Usually I talk to Michael if I'm feeling down on myself or unmotivated. He is usually pretty good at reminding me that things will be okay, and sometimes they just take time. Occasionally writing or listening to music helps me relax as well, though, and that usually helps me find my motivation again.

3. Do you wish time away or do you savor every moment?
I try to savor every moment, I think everyone likes to try to, but it isn't always easy. Sometimes I find myself looking into the future towards important moments, but I know there is a lot of lost time between now and then if I focus too much on the future things.

4. If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be, and why?
Does a wizard could as a mythological creature? For my purposes, yes it does. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and think it would be awesome to have magical powers and attend Hogwarts. It's really JK Rowling's fault for making everything seem so believable!

5. What is your current biggest weakness and are you working on fixing it?
Stress is definitely my major weakness at the moment. While it does not take much to stress me out in general, I'm definitely feeling it right now with the job hunt going on. I'm trying to relax and stay positive, but it is still pretty difficult. I just want to teach next year, that doesn't seem like too much to ask, right?

6. How do you greet someone when meeting them for the first time?
Depends on who they are, and why we are meeting. Usually something like "Hi, I'm Tiffany. It's nice to meet you." Pretty generic, I think.

7. How do you grocery shop? (Do you write up a list? Go in with no idea what you're looking for? Have meal plans? Bring your own shopping bags?)
I don't really have to worry about grocery shopping right now since I'm still living with my parents, but usually we are pretty good about creating grocery lists before we go to the store and everything. 


  1. I wasn't sure if a wizard was a mythological creature or not. So I went with mermaid. :)

  2. Really Great blogging idea! I'll definitively have to do this as well :)