Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Wishes [3]

I'm linking up with Brooke again at Bright Wishes to bring you my Wednesday Wishes :] I've been super busy again this week so I  haven't had much time to get on, but I couldn't help but post a few things I've been wanting over the past few days. :)

ONE: A Sewing Machine

I'm in desperate need of a new one. My last one broke a few years ago (It was pretty old and had been messed up for awhile) Since getting Pinterest and everything there have been tons of things I've wanted to make, and I haven't been able to!

TWO: This Adorable Fabric 

If I did get said sewing machine, I would love to have some adorable fabrics like this. I'm not sure what I would use some of them for right now since I don't have kids or anything yet, but there are some great things floating around Pinterest that I would love to make for the apartment.

THREE: An Awesome Lesson Plan Book

I hope to have my own classroom next year (as in August), so I know I will need an awesome way to keep track of my lessons, and so I can continue to have them for the following years without them filling up on the computer. Of course, I would make sure there is a way to actual print the plans and stick them in the book as well.

FOUR: This Amazing Crayon Art 

I would love to figure out how they made this one and do it. I mean, it looks pretty simple, but there is no telling it will actually be when it comes time to make it. I think it's beautiful and would be a wonderful addition to any room.

FIVE: This Giraffe Tattoo

As I'm sure a lot of you have read by now, I love giraffes. I also love what this tattoo stands for. Unfortunately, Michael hates tattoos, and I've already convinced him to be okay with me having two, so I don't think I could get anymore without really upsetting him!

SIX: These Toms

Aren't they amazing? I have a serious thing for the Eiffel Tower, and I think the bow and everything adds such a beautiful touch to them. And I love the colors! I really want to get a pair very similar to these!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That giraffe tattoo is so cool and that fabric is super pretty!

  2. love those toms! So cute! and as far as the crayon art, the melt the crayons with a hair dryer.. I've heard it can be time consuming but some people get really creative with it :)

  3. That's such a cute blog idea! I kinda wished I did Wednesday Wishes today... oh well maybe next week :)
    BTW I love those Toms, I'm thinking of buying some for the summer.

  4. I love those Toms! It would be so fun to have a custom pair like that :)