Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Confessions [1]

 So, I was over checking out Alyx site out, and decided I would do her Sunday Confessions Linky Party. If you have not checked out her blog, she's over at Everyday is a New Adventure. She's also from Nebraska originally and she has been through the town in Iowa where I was born several times. So, mostly that makes her amazing.

One. I have not read a REAL book in so long.
What do I mean by real? I mean, not a stupid textbook. Pretty much since I started college I have not had much time to read for pleasure. Sure, I have summers and stuff, but I usually stay pretty busy at that point, too, so I don't get to read nearly as much as I used to. I really do miss it. There are so many books I want to read right now, I'm going to have to try to find a way to fit time in for them.

Two. I'm really in a mood to organize, but I really have nothing to organize...
I know, that probably makes no sense. However, my parents are currently reorganizing their bedroom, and it really makes me want to organize something. Mostly, I've been thinking about how I want my future classroom and apartment to look like. It's driving me a little crazy that I can't just get in there and do it now!

Three. I HATE dress shopping. Seriously.
Yesterday I went out shopping with  my parents, and naturally it took forever. It felt like we went to 3474756459 different stores (in reality, it was about 12. Which is still a lot!). Anyway, I've been starting to look for a dress for the rehearsal dinner. Since we had so much luck with wedding stuff yesterday, I thought that maybe I would have luck with that, too. I did find one I kind of liked, but I don't know. I hate dress shopping!

Four. I keep going back and forth on the theme for our living room.
As we were doing our wedding registries, Michael assured me that I could decide what we did for color schemes in all the rooms and what not, and if we wanted to do an overall theme. We figured out most of the rooms, and decided that we want to do the living room in neutral browns and things. Then I thought of a travel theme. I was super excited about it, and thought it would be great. However, then we went to Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago, and they have all these incredible lighthouses and nautical themed things. So, now I'm stuck between the two. I really love lighthouses, but I already have some Eiffel Tower stuff. We could use those in our bedroom, though. It's so challenging!

Five. I'm sick of eating healthy food.
I know that's probably awful, since most people would probably enjoy it. I got used to eating whatever I wanted when I was living at school, but now that I'm doing my student teaching at home and living with my parents, they're dieting and I have to eat whatever they're having. I'm getting pretty tired of eating chicken and stuff! I really just want some fattening pizza or Mexican food. Bring on the chips and salsa!

 Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!
- Tiffany


  1. Thanks for linking up, Tiffany!

    Dress shopping is totally the worst - I hear ya on that one! And hey - you're more than welcome to come organize all my crap. Hahaha.
    This time abroad is the first time in YEARS that I have been able to actually take a break from the real world and read an actual novel for fun. It's amazing what taking a break can do for you. I love it!

  2. found you through the link up!
    also, i feel ya on the healthy food thing. i was doing so good at eating healthy and cutting back on what i refer to as "fat camp" food. then i went on a roadtrip and ate whatever i wanted. now, all i want is "fat camp" food. haha it's a vicious cycle. good luck on the dress shopping!! i swear when you are looking for something specific it's the world's worst to find, but when you are just browsing for fun you are able to find like ten things you want. that's how it is with me at least!! happy sunday :)

  3. ugh I hate dress shopping too. I even hated shopping for my wedding dress, even though I love it.

  4. Dress shopping can be so hard! I feel ya sister! And I love both of the ideas you have for your living room... I have a massive Eiffel tower in my living room, and I love it :)

  5. OMG. Dress shopping is the worst! I had to do it this weekend for Valentines dinner on Saturday but ended up giving up and just wearing one I already had haha

    I am so with you on the eating healthy! I've been trying really hard lately but usually by the time the weekend rolls around I just want to eat cookies and brownies haha