Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Late Valentine's Day...

Since Michael and I are doing the long distance thing, this was the first Valentine's Day we were not together. It really was not fun! However, I knew he was coming home yesterday, and that did give me something to look forward to. It had been a whole month, so I couldn't be more excited to see him! He got home when I was still at work, and then the last hour and a half of work seemed to drag on forever. Finally, it ended and I went home to get ready and then he headed over to get me. (He always enjoys picking me up for dates, and I love it, too.) So he shows up to my door with these...

Apparently he had to go to three different places to find someone good ones, and that made me appreciate them anymore. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten flowers in the four plus years that we've been dating. He always gets them for me and I love them, despite them dying. Along with that, he had these.

He knows how much I love chocolate, and he has yet to go through a Valentine's Day without getting me some, which makes me very happy! And the box is adorable, I might have to keep it and figure out something else to do with it.

After we put the flowers in the vase and I showed him some wedding things we made while he's been gone (like the pomander balls in a previous post), we headed off to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse, which we don't go to often. It's always packed and super loud, but I knew how much he loves it, so we went there. They have the best strawberry margaritas there, so we shared one. (I say shared, but I drank most of it. He pretends to like strawberry so that we can share). So, then we have a tradition of always going back to his house to open gifts. We've been doing it since our first Christmas together, I think. I got him the new Star Wars movies on Blu-ray that he wanted. Apparently they updated them or something? And a really cute tie that has hearts on it. I also sent him a card on Valentine's Day. And I got...

A beautiful card on Valentine's Day. He sent it through the mail and he wrote a very sweet note inside of it. I keep all of the cards he's ever given me, and I really need to put them all on a ring or something so I can keep them all in one place.

When I opened my gift bag, this little guy was in the top! I LOVE  giraffes, as I said in my last Valentine's post. I sent him a picture on my phone a few weeks ago of this one, and I was so happy that he got it for me! Isn't she adorable? I have a purple one just like her, too. Then, sitting underneath the giraffe was...

drumroll please...

I have ALWAYS wanted something from Tiffany & Co. I mean, my name is Tiffany, after all! Even though I had been telling him this for a very long time, I never expected to get it anytime soon! However, I opened the little blue box, and this perfect necklace was inside!

I absolutely love it, it's perfect! So, he definitely made up for us not being able to see each other on actual Valentine's Day. He's so romantic, and it was a perfect night! I hope everyone else had a great Valentine's Day with the ones they love! <3


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  2. That necklace is beautiful!!! What a sweet boy you have :)

  3. how romantic!! and this was a very thoughtful gift! lucky you!!
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  4. So sweet! He definitely pulled out all the stops! I would have been squealing at the sight of a Tiffany box :)

  5. Cute necklace. You never forget your first little blue box. lol


  6. Beautiful necklace. He did a really good job (and is a really smart man for listening!)