Sunday, March 18, 2012

San Antonio - Day 4

Tuesday we decided not to set an alarm again. We were planning to go to the art museum, and we had to wait until four in the afternoon anyway in order to get in for free. Since we weren't really on a time crunch, we allowed ourselves to sleep in again. We ended up getting up a little after eleven, and it was really nice. Then we decided to head downtown again. Like every other time, we ended up in the parking garage again (I think our parking was about 18 dollars that day, which was a little ridiculous!).

The view from the parking garage. It was a convention center that was actually really pretty. We didn't go to anything at it, I just felt like taking pictures that day, I guess! Since it was about lunch time, we decided to get some food before we went to the Alamo. We remembered seeing a McDonalds in the area, so we ended up eating there. It was pretty annoying though. I couldn't stand being around some of the children there. It scares me how some people do not teach their children manners these days.

The view on the way to lunch. The building on the left glows green at night and has some spotlights on top. It's really pretty, though I still need to figure out what the building is! That red sculpture was pretty cool, too. They had another on the other side of town. If you looked to the very right, that's the sign for the mall parking we used the whole week. :]

This beautiful church was on the way there, too. I have a thing for old churches, I find them so amazing. They had some great stain glass, too. It was difficult to get very good pictures since I couldn't get any further away from it. I think you can tell that it's pretty, though.

After lunch we headed for the Alamo! Even though the line to get into the shrine (the front building right there) seemed really long, it really only took us about thirty minutes or so to get in. The wait was not long at all, and there was some wonderful scenery that helped pass the time.

Like this building. I'm still not quite sure what it is, but the detailing on it is beautiful. I just could not stop staring at it. I wish all the cars and things weren't around it. It seems so old, but a lot of the building are like that there. It's like the town built up around them. I love that.

We were at the alamo for awhile, but it wasn't quite two when we finished. We couldn't get to the museum until four, so we had some time to kill. Michael had just been to New Orleans for a business conference he was speaking at, and they went to the original Pat O'Briens there. We saw they had one here, so we decided to stop in. This was their signature drink, the Hurricane. It had A LOT of rum in it. Let me tell you. I'm a small girl, about one hundred pounds, and I don't drink much. I can't handle a lot of alcohol. I couldn't even finish this thing and I was a little tipsy. For the first time, might I add. Michael thought it was hilarious that I giggle at everything, apparently. Anyway, he bought me the glass as well, it's beautiful!

At around 3:20 we finally left the bar and decided we would walk to the museum. His phone said it was only about two miles away from where we were, though it looked a lot further on the maps we looked at. We both enjoy walking, so we decided it wouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately, we had to walk through a bad part of town, and it did make me a little uncomfortable. We had an old, homeless guy yelling at us which did freak me out. However, we did finally make it to the San Antonio Museum of Art. This is the back view of it. We got there a little after four, and got in for free. Woo!

Something I should probably tell you all is that I am a huge Mythology fan. I took the class in college, but I've always been in love with it. I find it incredibly interesting, though I really just love literature in general. They had this incredible statue of Athena, along with other Greek gods, but she has always been one of my favorites. Though we enjoy art, Michael and I are fans of contemporary art...

Unfortunately, their contemporary art section was pretty small. They had some amazing things though, and we enjoyed looking at them. We were there about an hour, which was pretty nice. Then as we went outside to check out the back patio, we realized that the riverwalk goes ALL the way to the museum. We were so frustrated! It did not look like that on the map! It did make it a couple miles longer than the other way, but we felt more comfortable with it. We almost took the water taxi, but it was 15 a piece, and we didn't mind walking. It's beautiful, after all!

It took us awhile to get back to downtown, but we walked hand-in-hand the whole time, and it was really nice. We ended up having dinner on the riverwalk again (Tex-Mex again. We're a little obsessed with chips and salsa, but we are from Texas!). It wasn't quite as good as the other place, though. After that we finally headed back to the hotel, feeling exhausted from walking about eight miles that day!


I cannot believe it's already Sunday and spring break is over! I have to return to work tomorrow, and I know my sixth graders will probably be crazier than they were before break! It's crazy, but I only have about seven weeks until graduation now. Have a good week!


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