Saturday, March 17, 2012

San Antonio - Day 3

Monday was the only day we actually set an alarm for. Why, you ask? Because we were heading to Sea World! We knew with it being spring break pretty much all over Texas that it was going to be crazy, especially with how many people were clearly around San Antonio already. So we set our alarms and we got up so that we could try to get there at 10 when they opened. Since my brothers work at Southwest Airlines, they were able to get us discount tickets which ended up saving us over twenty dollars. It also saved us from having to stand in one line to buy tickets, we just had to stay in the one to actually get inside. Since my camera isn't the best, we took Michael's. I had him take pictures since I really can't watch and take pictures.

So we finally got into the park around 10:20. We got our map and show schedule, and saw that the Shamu show was showing at 11, so we decided to walk to the far side of the park in order to see it. Luckily we got there early, because it got packed! It was great though!

There was a baby! She was kind of training him as they did the show, but he went up on the platform at the end, and it was adorable!

They're such incredible animals. It's impossible for me to think that they could be capable of hurting someone if they wanted to. They seem so calm and loving with the trainers.

They could wave!

The baby is jumping with it's mom or dad! It really was adorable!

This was the very end of the show. Aren't they precious? I really enjoyed seeing the orcas!

The Shamu show lasted for about twenty minutes, so then we looked back at the showtimes to see what we wanted to do next. There was a show starting at noon that had beluga whales, white sided dolphins, and acrobats, so we decided to check it out. Once again, we were glad we got there early because it got crazy pretty quickly. We always moved to the far sides, you could see really well and no one went there first because they wanted to sit in the middle. The show really was incredible!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the beluga whales. All they really did was push the trainers around, so it was difficult to get pictures of them. However, the dolphins were incredible! She had them jumping over her.

There were several divers, I think about six of them. They were dressed to look like lizards. They did jumps off the diving boards, but also things from the very top of the building. It was amazing!

She was amazing! She did her act with just a hoop and a ribbon, and she was suspended in the air. It was beautiful, and I felt like I could probably watch it for awhile. I can't imagine how strong she has to be in order to hold herself up in the ribbon.

Aren't they so cute? During the summer mom and I went on a cruise and in Cozumel we got to swim with the dolphins. So I've gotten to touch them and give one a kiss, they're such incredible animals! 

After that, we weren't too sure what to do. The next show we might want to see was not until 4:30, and it was about 12:30 at the time. We decided to go ahead and eat there, and it was crazy! There were so many people, but we ended up having some decent food, and we found a table after a few minutes of searching. After that, he went through and saw the dolphin cove where you could pay to feed them (we did not, I can't touch the little fish they eat, ick!) and then we went through and saw some sharks and other fish. After that we started looking through the gift shops. I ended up getting an adorable Beluga whale magnet and a shot glass (We collect them from places we travel), and Michael bought a beautiful Dolphin statue for our first place together. 

After taking those things to the car and getting back to the park, I allowed him to drag me onto the suspended roller coaster. I HATE roller coasters. I HATE that stomach dropping feeling. I HATE heights. Ultimately, I was not excited. However, I knew he really wanted to do it, so I sucked it up. 

This would be me, feeling completely sick after riding the roller coaster. However, they had giraffes, so I just had to take a picture by them! It took about a half hour, but I felt better, and I was glad it made him happy that I went on the roller coaster. It was about 3:30 at that point. It was hot and completely crowded, so we decided just to hear out. Instead, we went and got ice cream on the way back to the hotel. We went back to the hotel and watched some Friends (probably a lot of it, actually, we're both obsessed), then we went and had an incredible dinner at Olive Garden. We got a dessert that was amazing!

I didn't enjoy Sea World as much as I thought I would. I'm sure it would probably be more fun if we were younger or had kids. I look forward to going back in the future when we do have children though, I think it will be a lot of fun then.



  1. omg this looks like so much fun!

  2. Love that you took a pic with the giraffes :) The orcas are so cute I totally agree with ya!