Tuesday, May 15, 2012


  So, obviously I've been pretty horrible about updating lately, so I apologize for that. Things got a little busy with the ending of student teaching and my last semester of college. Mix that in with graduation and job applications and things have been a little hectic! However, I would like to stop and mention graduation, since it did just happen on Saturday. I cannot believe how quickly my four years of college went, and I know I couldn't have gotten through it without Michael. It was great that we got to go to college together, and it was incredible crossing the stage during the same graduation. We went through high school graduation together, and then got to do college as well. It really was a wonderful feeling. 

Since school is three hours away from our home town, mom and I went down Friday afternoon. Michael was still there, I was only away since I did my student teaching back home. We had to stay in a hotel about forty-five minutes away, which was the closest we could book even though we started looking SIX months before the day. Everything had been full in our school town at that point. It worked out well since my grandma and grandpa could stay at the same hotel and then just ride in with us. Since they're from Iowa, they don't know their way around that area like we do. 

 So, they rode with us in the morning. We woke up bright and early at 5:30 Saturday to get ready, and then left the hotel by 7:30 so we could be there within the hour. When we got there, I was able to meet up with Michael and we got our cards together, and then spent some time talking to friends. I hadn't seen them in quite some time since I had been living at home, so it was nice to catch up. We then had to sit in the bleachers while we waited to start. There was somewhere around 1500 students graduating, so it did feel like it took forever. I was number 796 to walk, so there was a long way before and after me, but it was worth it. It was a nice feeling, walking across that stage. Then, we managed to get the heck out of there and headed back to the town we stayed the night before where my family and Michael's family all had lunch together before heading home. Once we got home, we took some much needed (of course) family photos. 

Me and my wonderful parents. 

My oldest brother and his wife.

My older brother and his fiancee 

 My brothers and I.

All of us being silly. This is kind of a traditional picture for my brothers and I. I can't wait to make sure we get one like this at my wedding so I can frame one for each of them. 

Then, once we were done taking pictures and could finally change into some more comfortable clothes, we relaxed for a little while before heading over to Michael's house. They were hosting a party for the two of us, and my whole family was able to make it, which I really did enjoy. It's not often we all get to spend time together with work schedules and one of my brothers living an hour away, so it was definitely nice. And of course, I got to see Michael again which was great since things were so hectic during actual graduation. We put the gowns and cords back on and took some more pictures together. 

We both finished college with honors, which is how we got those awesome diploma covers. Along with that, we got some cords and a medal to wear, so that was definitely nice. (plus we get to say we graduated with honors which is a definite plus).

The awesome blanket that Michael's work gave him for graduating. Plus, we got to be in comfy clothes again, which was definitely nice! 

The wonderful cake his parents got for us to have that night. I'm not a big fan of frosting, but it looked really pretty and the actual cake was delicious.

So, it was a bit of a crazy day, but it was definitely worth it. It will be nice once we have our actual diplomas, though. That all happened Saturday, and then Sunday we had a second set of engagement pictures done (that's another story for a later date!) Now, our lives will consist of trying to find work and everything before we get married, so hopefully we will fine jobs soon! Michael just had an interview today, so we're hoping that might turn into something!


  1. congratulations to both of you!!!
    and for the next stage of your life

  2. Congrats on graduating! That is so exciting:)
    Oh and I noticed your comment on my blog and just wanted to let you know that I do custom orders for the giraffes if you're interested just shoot me an email;)

    <3 Leney

  3. can't believe I missed this post, congrats on graduation!!!